Enigma & Mystery

Turin isn’t just an elegant city: it always got a mantle of mystery.

In addition to the beauty of its palaces and squares, the first Italian   capital has several interesting places filled with magic that highlight its reputation as a city eternally divided between right and evil, which is located at the top of two energy triangles of great charm.

A tour through the streets that hosted extraordinary and inexplicable events, full of curiosity and mysterious stories.

Holy Shroud Tour

The mystery of the Holy Shroud. The cloth, kept in the cathedral of Turin, is certainly one of the most important, controversial and mysterious relics of Christianity.

This tour explores history, legends, scientific investigations, religious significance and the indelible signs of its presence in the city.

Turin Artists’ Lights

Traditionally during the Christmas period streets and squares of every city are lightened up by cheerful illuminations. But Turin is the main center of contemporary art in Italy, so the lights gain a great cultural meaning.

Every year many international artists sign the design of the Christmas decorations, in the by now traditional exhibition Luci d’Artista (Artists’Lights).

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