Delicious sweet snack Tour

Turin is the undisputed capital of chocolate, and to honor the Gods’ drink we invented the typical delicious snack enriched by the "wet" pastries.

An essential exquisiteness for all gourmands. A tour through the patisserie and chocolate tradition of the city, full of curiosities and anecdotes that will make its epilogue even more inviting. Could I not let you taste such a delicacy?

Aperitif Tour

Everybody has its own priorities. In Turin, for example, before we created the aperitif and then Italy. Faithfully to our tradition of sober – but also foodie - people, we propose a tour through the culinary arts of Turin and their history.

A not-to-be-missed experience: the secrets contained in an aperitif that only a true Turinese can know and reveal. How can it ever end? But with an aperitif, of course!

Delicacies Tour

Turin and its territory boast a historic food and wine tradition, rich in good things that can still be tasted today. The workshops of skilled artisans offer the opportunity to learn about delicious food prepared with high quality ingredients and respecting tradition.

In this explosion of flavours, Vermuth, the aromatized wine created in Turin in 1786 by Antonio Benedetto Carpano, is certainly not to be missed.

A tour to taste really good things!