Palace and Gardens of Venaria Reale

During the 120 years it was built, the Reggia was designed, expanded, modified by 4 brilliant architects who gave us this Theater of Magnificence.

Founded as a direct rival of Versailles, the Palace of Venaria has lived through the centuries phases of maximum splendor and deep decay, and then it was born again from its ruins. Finally it returned to the seventeenth-century magnificence through a cyclopic restoration lasting 10 years that engaged more than 1,000 professionals.

We will discover the millenary history of the Savoy dynasty, we will visit places full of suggestion and royalty, we will share the daily life of the courtiers through the installations of Peter Greenaway.

Hunting Residence in Stupinigi

The latest "Delizia" desired by the House of Savoy is one of the most valuable examples of Baroque and Rococò architecture in Europe. Everything here has been designed to create a complete fusion with the surrounding nature.

Initially conceived as a residence for the rest after the hunts, the Palazzina was gradually transformed into one of the richest Royal Residences. The perfect symmetry of the building, its connection with the Royal Palace in Turin, its magnificent decorations make it as an unique jewel.

The Hunting Residence in Stupinigi is a must for those who want really to get the grandeur of the Savoys together with the genius of architect Filippo Juvarra.