My Tours ... around Langhe

Alba and the Langhe of Barolo
Guided Wine & Food Tour      

Marina will accompany you to discover an extraordinary territory declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014, "attributing the exceptional universal value to the Piedmontese cultural landscape". And truly the views we will encounter will leave you speechless in any season of the year. You will discover the many food and wine excellences and the deep bond of the people of Langa with this unique land in the world: here traditions have been able to welcome modern art, transforming it into a new icon. Under the expert guidance of those who have been producing exquisite Langa wines for generations, you will understand why they are so good and famous all over the world. Together we will make an unforgettable journey in a world out of time and full of charm.

The Other Langa
Guided Wine & Food Tour

Marina will take you to discover a more intimate and less known Langa, a part of Piedmont surrounded by nature. And there will be many surprises, starting with the traces of popular devotion to the Madonna and the surprising eclectic architecture, unexpected in an area famous for its food and wine excellences such as the delicious cheese and cornmeal cookie, without forgetting the excellent Dolcetto wine. Such a magical land also hides the tradition of the "Masche", the witches, who in this part of Langa represent the deep bond between man, the earth and the occult forces of Nature. Let us guide you on a journey full of enchantment