Downtown Walking tour

Turin is a liveable and discreet city, of polished beauty waiting to be unveiled. Let us guide you through its beautiful squares, arcades and Baroque jewels. You will be charmed by the romantic atmosphere of its elegant and evocative streets where the eye runs up to the Alps. For those who are just arriving, but also for those who want to rediscover the heart of one of the most attractive cities in Europe: let us introduce you Turin, the city of Kings.

We bet that I will surprise you?

Valentino Park and Medieval Village

The most famous and ancient public park of the city welcomes us among its centuries-old trees. Magnificent views frame the wonderful banks of the Po river and the hill of Turin: welcome to Valentino Park! Among the majestic foliage of Turin's most beloved park are the Medieval Village and the Valentino Castle. Here were born the sports clubs that have contributed to the fame of our city. A tour to research the beauty of this enchanted place, to discover those curiosities that have made Valentino the “park of lovers”.

Roman and Medieval Age in Turin

The Romans chose this place to found a new city: Iulia Augusta Taurinorum. More than 2000 years have passed since then, yet in the city there is still much evidence of a glorious past of belonging to the Roman Empire. The remains of the walls and the theatre are historical witnesses that become even more fascinating with a visit to the Museum of Antiquities. Turin still preserves almost intact medieval corners with the presence of imposing buildings characterized by "cotto" decorations, typical of Piedmontese medieval architecture. A walk through the oldest part of the city to take a step back in time and discover little secrets.

Turin during the Risorgimento

In the middle of the 19th century the process of unification of Italy, at that time occupied by foreign powers, began in Turin. The path is long and difficult, studded with bloody battles and secret diplomatic agreements. The historical period known as the Risorgimento is a moment in which Turin is the undisputed protagonist of the history of Italy: the city becomes the first capital of our Country under the leadership of the Savoy family. Through our tour we will meet extraordinary personalities who have been an active part of the history of Italy and Europe.