The FIAT Lingotto factory is internationally recognized as a symbol of 20th century industrial progress. Its revolutionary structure is destined to arouse amazement and admiration with the test track on the roof of the building, and the helical ramps.

After the cessation of production activities in 1982, the complex will be the subject of a global reconversion thanks to the genius of architect Renzo Piano: the industrial plant is now a must for anyone who really wants to know the history of Turin even through a building that is a symbol of the city.

Baroque in Turin

Baroque is the dominant architectural style in the centre of Turin and surprises us with its majestic elegance. The great architects Guarino Guarini and Filippo Juvarra left their indelible mark on the transformation of the city into European capital. The magnificence of baroque palaces and churches hides the not only architectural wisdom of great figures who gave Turin the royal aspect that still fascinates us today.

Art Nouveau in Turin

At the beginning of the 20th century the city was enlarged and embellished with magnificent buildings built in a seductive innovative style: Turin became the Italian capital of Art Nouveau. A walk through the elegant streets of Cit Turin, the district that enchants the visitor with the sinuous shapes of the decorations, the lightness of the architecture, the magic of a unique beauty.